750A connectors from Aerco designed for rugged power applications

AE 404 Hypertac HBB connectors from Aerco ideal for unmanned vehicles LOW RESAerco now supplies the Hypertac HBB range of single-pole, circular connectors that combine high current handling capability with small size and exceptional environmental performance. Designed for use in all types of high-power applications, the HBB series is particularly suitable for electric drives used in fighting vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, weapon systems, ground-based and airborne avionic systems, rail transport and the automotive and medical sectors.

Designed for easy mating and quick release, HBB connectors use Hypertac’s hyperboloid contact technology to attain current ratings of 300A and 500A in standard form and up to 750A on request with high reliability and excellent electrical integrity. Hyperboloid contacts produce contact resistance figures as low as 0.05mΩ thus reducing resistive losses, easing the task of thermal management and providing better power handling in a smaller space.

Easy to assemble, HBB connectors are available in a choice of metal or high-strength composite shells, are sealed to IP67 and feature 360° EMI/RFI shielding. Cable or panel mount versions with straight or right angle back shells are supplied and the connectors are rated to 1,000VDC, and accept cables up to 70mm² for 300A versions and 120mm² for 500A versions.

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