Honeywell wireless limit switches, now available in the UK from Aerco, provide a high degree of flexibility, ensure more system uptime and offer a comprehensive range of standard options with a high level of system security while significantly reducing wiring, installation, commissioning and maintenance costs.

Conforming to the international IEEE 802.15.4 standard and featuring a 16-bit address and 128-bit AES security key, these wireless switches will provide presence and absence detection in remote parts of all types of machinery and will prove invaluable in all applications where wiring is not practical. Up to 16 switches can be networked and simply reconfigured while issues with wire connection integrity on moving equipment are eliminated as is the need for wires, conduit, strain relief, clips, connectors and connection boxes.

The switches connect using 802.15.4 RF 2.4 GHz standard radio bands and radio connection is license-free and global with WPAN 802. 15.4, 2.4 GHz. The communication range is up to 304 metres.

RoHS compliant and with full EMI immunity these new switches will find use in applications such as valve positioning, conveyors, cranes, jib and skew positioning, lifts, material handling door positioning, presses and CNC equipment.


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