Imagine a World without Wires with Honeywell’s Limitless™ WGLA Series Global Limit Switches – Available at Mouser

HoneywellLimitlessWGLAMouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking the Honeywell Sensing and Control Limitless™ WGLA Series Global Limit Switches.

The Honeywell Limitless™ WGLA Series Global Limit Switches combine the best of MICRO SWITCH™ global limit switches with the latest off-the-shelf wireless technology. The Honeywell Limitless series can be used for position sensing and presence / absence detection in remote monitoring applications where wiring or wire maintenance is not physically possible or economically feasible. The Honeywell Limitless WGLA Series Global Limit Switches are based on 802.15.4 point-to-point communications and can be configured to potentially allow up to sixteen devices to communicate with one receiver module. To learn more, visit

Keith Privett, Mouser’s Vice President of IEP and Test, is impressed with the Honeywell Limitless WGLA Series Global Limit Switches, “Every bit as reliable as wired switches, the Limitless Wireless Global Limit Switches allow flexibility and cost saving advantages not seen before. Going wireless for industrial and transportation limit switching means major cost savings through the elimination of installation and commissioning costs, control-wire breakage, connector integrity problems, as well as reducing long term maintenance costs.”

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