TTI now stocks HumidIcon digital humidity/temperature sensors from Honeywell. A digital output-type relative humidity and temperature sensor combined in the same package, HIH-6130/6131 series devices offer several competitive advantages, including industry-leading total error band, long term stability and industry-leading reliability. Devices are claimed to be industry’s lowest total cost solution, delivering true temperature-compensated digital I²C output and high energy efficiency in an ultra-small package.

HIH-6130/6131 series sensors feature two different configurations (HIH-6130: no filter, non-condensing; HIH-6131: hydrophobic filter and condensation-resistant) and are very easy to design-in. A wide operating temperature range of -25 up to +85 degrees Celsius allows the devices to be used in many different applications such as HVAC, respiratory therapy, incubators/microenvironments, air compressors, weather stations, and telecom cabinets. The multi-function ASIC provides flexibility within the application by lowering or eliminating the risk and cost of OEM calibration. An optional one or two percent RH level alarm output allows the user to monitor whether the RH level has exceeded or fallen below pre-determined and critical levels within the application.

HIH-6130/6131 series sensors are fully RoHS/ WEEE compliant as well as halogen-free.

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