Since February of this year, Juki Automation Systems has been the exclusive European and American distributor of the stencil printer models GL and PmaxII from the Chinese enterprise GKG Precision Machine Co. These printers deliver outstanding quality as well as an excellent price performance ratio. They are also characterized by various standard functions only available as an option from others competitors.

GKG was founded in 2003 and has developed into the largest stencil printer manufacturer in China with approximately 400 employees, 500 customers and 2200 systems sold. Since 2008 GKG has dominated the Asian stencil printer market where the company competes against manufacturers such as MPM, DEK, EKRA, Panasonic and Fuji. Since February of this year JUKI has been the exclusive distributor of stencil printer models GL and PmaxII in Europe and America. The co-operation between GKG and JUKI is a logical step to keep on increasing their shares in these two markets. The stencil printers are an ideal extension of JUKI’s wide portfolio of assembly systems and correspond entirely to their “Lowest Cost of Ownership” philosophy.

At the last Nepcon Shanghai the GL model from GKG achieved two “China Vision Awards”. This model was developed especially for JUKI and is designed for the market outside Asia. In China itself the GL model is offered solely to selected high-end customers, like Foxconn and Flextronics.

The printers are brilliant, with their excellent quality and their superior price performance ratio. The extremely sturdy chassis of the machine, as well as the arch shaped squeegee beam system, are casted not welded. Additionally, only quality components from European and Japanese distributers like pneumatic parts from FESTO or servomotors and -drives from Panasonic are used. These measures ensure the excellent long term stability of the machine as well as consistent printing accuracy. The quality of the printers is so good that JUKI sells them in Europe and America with a three years warranty, just like their own assembly systems.

Besides the high quality of the machine the printers feature various standard functions, which are only available as an option from other manufacturers.

FAC – Flexible Automatic Clamping System
The innovative patented FAC allows top and side clamping of the board. Very thin as well as warped PCB’s are held safely on top with auto retractable clamping knives. Normal thick boards are clamped sidewise and are thereby pressed against the stencil. This system guarantees the ideal clamping of the board in every situation and therefore an even solder paste transfer.

SPM – Squeegee Position Memory
The adjustment of the PCB thickness is done over the lifting table. The table also adjustes the clamped board to the fixed stencil with the help of fiducial marks. The dynamic calibration of the table is performed by high precision servo motors.

APC – Automatic Pressure Check
The APC takes the masurement of the squeegee contact pressure and allows an adjustment. The pressure of the front and rear squeegees is individually programmable and adjustable to the particular process requirements to optimize the printing process. Thereby an uneven solder paste transfer is avoided.

2D Paste Inspection System
During the printing process run the standard integrated 2D paste inspection system checks the printing quality and identifies failures in the position and completeness of the printed solder paste on pads.

Stencil cleaning system
The built in stencil cleaning system has three operation modes: wet, dry and vacuum. Each mode is individually programmable or combinable in any configuration, so that an automatic cleaning takes place after a certain number of production cycles. If automatic cleaning isn’t required the systems allows also a manual cleaning within the operation menu.


GL: Fully automatic stencil printer
• Min PCB size: 50 x 50 mm (2” x 2”)
• Max PCB size: 510 x 510 mm (20” x 20”)
• Min frame size: 480 x 500 mm (18.8” x 19.6”)
• Max frame size: 737 x 737 mm (29” x 29”)
• Cycle time: < 8.5s (excluding printing, cleaning and camera)

PmaxII: Large format fully automatic stencil printer
• Min PCB size: 100 x 65 mm (3.9” x 2.5”)
• Max PCB size: 1220 x 800 mm (48” x 31.4”)
• Min frame size: 737 x 737 mm (29” x 29”)
• Max frame size: 1500 x 1250 mm (59” x 49.2”)
• Cycle time: < 25s (excluding printing, cleaning and camera)

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