Now available exclusively from specialist RF & Microwave distributor, Aspen Electronics, is a top quality range of high power directional couplers. Manufactured in the US by IF Engineering, these compact devices are designed specifically to meet a wide range of RF applications where RF or microwave incident and reflected power needs to be sensed, sampled and measured with minimal disturbance to the transmission line.

Part of the broader C4 range of directional couplers, these high power versions offer power handling capabilities from 25 to 150W CW. Parts are available covering frequency ranges up to 1GHz. Coupling values range from 14 to 40dB, while directivity values range from 15 to an impressively high 30dB to give the least measurement uncertainty.

The corresponding VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) figures are a competitively low 1.1:1 to 1.4:1, allowing designers to select the most appropriate device to minimise the effects of return loss and thereby measurement accuracy.

IFE’s high power directional couplers are housed in a low profile, compact enclosure, enabling the devices to be supplied either for surface mounting or in a more traditional package with standard connectors.

A typical device in the range is the C4-033, featuring a frequency range from 30 to 512MHz, insertion loss, including coupling loss of 0.28dB, VSWR in/out of 1.25:1, a coupling value of 20dB +/-2dB and a directivity value of 20dB.

Typical applications for the couplers include incorporation in high VSWR amplifiers and fold back devices, as well as for power levelling and signal monitoring systems for use in TETRA and other VHF/UHF wireless communications systems operating up to 1GHz.

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