HDO4000Leading test & measurement distributor Amplicon announce the launch of the first ever 12-bit High Definition Oscilloscopes from market leaders Teledyne LeCroy. The HDO 4000 series of oscilloscopes has a waveform display that is cleaner and crisper with 16 times more vertical resolution than the conventional 8-bit instruments; making waveform details that were previously difficult to see easily distinguishable and measurable.

The Amplicon Measurement & Control division are delighted to launch the HDO 4000 series of high definition oscilloscopes with HD4096 technology. This technology enables oscilloscopes to acquire waveforms with high resolution, high sample rate and low noise.

The HDO4000 oscilloscope features a sample rate of 2.5 GS/s with up to 25 Mpts/channel of memory in two and four-channel models from 200 MHz to 1 GHz Bandwidth. All HDO models are equipped with a 12.1” touch-screen display and intuitive interface that gives users an easy means of controlling channels, trigger settings, math and advanced measurement functions.

Also available in the HDO oscilloscopes are spectrum analysis and power measurement software packages that serve to sharpen the instruments focus on two key analysis areas that affect a broad range of design and debug tasks. The spectrum Analyser software converts the controls of an HDO into those of a spectrum analyzer and the power analysis software quickly measures and analyses the operating characteristics of power conversion devices and circuits with automatic loss measurements and a dedicated user interface.

James Okpeh, Amplicon Measurement & Control Product Specialist commented: “The HDO 4000 is an industry-first 12-bit, high definition oscilloscope. Customers can benefit from all of the new features at a price point typical of the more traditional 8-bit resolution scopes.”

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