New high-power low-loss coaxial cables from Aerco

AE 409 Habia Speedfoam HT cable from Aerco LOW RESAerco is now stocking a new, high-power, low-loss, coaxial cable from Habia that is ideal for many defence applications including protection of armoured vehicles.

Designed as a high power version of the standard Habia Speedfoam coaxial cable range, the Speedfoam HT cable uses a new, low-density PTFE dielectric in place of the foamed polyethylene (PE) used in the standard cable, which has a much higher temperature rating and hence a higher power rating than the standard product. Attenuation is also reduced, especially at higher frequencies.

Habia Speedfoam HT cables are available in two versions. The Speedfoam 240 HT has a power rating of 680W at 450MHz while the Speedfoam 400 HT is 1820W. The 240 version carries UK MOD approval while approval is pending on the larger version.

Habia Speedfoam HT cables are ideal for use in high power RF systems used in applications such as force protection systems on armoured vehicles and other applications where high-power and low-loss coaxial cables are required.

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