Digi-Key has signed a global distribution agreement with LED Engin.
David Tahmassebi, President and CEO of LED Engin, comments: “Through this agreement, hundreds of thousands of design engineers and purchasers around the world now have access to LED Engin products. Digi-Key is a customer-focused company that ranks highly in industry surveys for its product availability, rapid order fulfillment, and responsive service. This means faster access to our class-leading emitters and optics.”
LED Engin’s product portfolio includes high power LuxiGen emitters, which offer high efficacy and flux, colour stability and lumen performance, together with ultra-efficient and uniform optics. LuxiGen delivers the industry’s lowest thermal resistance per package area, made possible by LED Engin’s patented compact ceramic package. Additionally, the emitters deliver superior flexibility in light output with power ranging from 3 W to 90 W and a wide selection of colours from UV 365 nm to infrared 940 nm.
The multi-chip packages are also available in multi-colour/wavelength options such as RGBW, RGBA or Dental Blue and UV. Every die is individually addressable for maximum design flexibility. A suite of complementary total internal reflection (TIR) lenses is offered for these emitters in Narrow Spot to Wide Flood beam.


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