The German components distribution market declined 3.4% to 802m Euro in the third quarter. In contrast orders rose by 0.5% to 809m Euro. At 1.1 the book-to-bill remains positive.

The slight decline is also due to a technical effect, as for companies, who account according to fiscal year and not to calendar month, the quarter was one entire week longer. Without this effect the sales result would be balanced.

Semiconductor sales declined by 2.6% to 565m Euro which corresponds to 70% of  total sales, acording to the FBDI.

Passive components fell 2.4% and generated 111m Euro sales corresponding to a share of 14% of total sales.

Electromechanical components slipped down by 5% to 74m Euro, which accounts to a share of 9%.

FBDi Chairman of the board Georg Steinberger says: „With almost 4% sales growth 2016 remains a solid year for the distribution. In view of the uncertainties on the total market – i.e. scandal on exhaust gas, slower growth in China, political uncertainties in and around Europe – the German high-tech market proves to be very robust. Also, due to the actual order situation it is unlikely that the outlook will deteriorate drastically during the coming year.”

“However, the massive consolidation is a challenge especially to the manufacturers of semiconductors”, says Steinberger. “With the worldwide semiconductor market remaining week, companies seek to create synergies by acquisitions, and to optimize earnings through pressure on the sales channel. This is neither good for customers nor for distributors. It is simply not sustainable.”


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