Gateway Electronic Components has strengthened its capacitor product portfolio by adding to its range of stocked EPCOS components and investing in increased levels of inventory.

The distributor now has general purpose polyester film capacitors with in-depth stocking of the B32520 to B32529 series. It has also invested in X and Y class suppression capacitors for EMC filtering as well as polyester and polypropylene dielectric pulse capacitors for DC and AC applications.

The range enhancement has been designed to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of applications across multiple market sectors including drives, power supplies, lighting and increasingly smart metering.

Martin Ford, Gateway’s Managing Director commented, “With the number of film capacitor manufacturers diminishing over the past few years, due in part to global brand acquisition programmes, the appeal of the EPCOS portfolio has strengthened because it offers close matches to many of the ranges of those manufacturers whose products are increasingly difficult to find.”

“Additionally, the relatively short lead times for EPCOS components are still very well supported by global manufacturing capacities; and volume price discounts can normally be negotiated for those with firm order requirements”,  he added.




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