Future Electronics is ramping up the action to attract more design engineers to become members of its FTM Board Club. It has redesigned the dedicated website and it has extended the choice of boards available to members of the Board Club.
The FTM Board Club has gained several thousand members since its launch in 2007, offering registered users a choice of hundreds of free development boards from franchised suppliers of Future Electronics, including NXP Semiconductor, ON Semiconductor and Wolfson Microelectronics.
Boards are supplied free to members with a qualified, commercial design project.
The website redesign provides an improved user interface, better search capability and an extended range of free development boards for OEM design engineers.
Page navigation has been improved and the layout of pages simplified.
“We have improved the search box so users can look for a specific manufacturer or application for example automotive or key word or part number,” said Mark Britton, Marketing Communication Manager of Future Electronics (EMEA).
In addition, Future Electronics has extended the choice of boards available to FTM Board Club members, adding development boards for: microcontrollers, power supplies and MEMS sensors supplied by STMicroelectronics, microcontrollers supplied by Atmel, FPGAs supplied by Microsemi and FPGAs supplied by Lattice Semiconductor
“FTM Board Club has been phenomenally popular with readers of Future Electronics’ FTM technology news magazine, helping thousands of design projects to get off to a quick start thanks to the free availability of high-performance hardware for device evaluation and prototyping,” added Britton. ‘The club’s free board offer is now open to all commercial design engineers, whether they are registered readers of FTM magazine or not.’


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