Fujitsu Electronics Europe (FEEU) has extended its line card portfolio with Low Power MCUs and Low Power RTCs from Ambiq Micro. As part of the agreement, after a transition period, FEEU becomes the exclusive distributor of Ambiq Micro products in Europe. Typical applications for low-power components include wearables, wireless sensors and the Internet of Things.

FEEU was established as a distributor from the company’s semiconductor business in January this year.

FEEU’s portfolio includes other low-power components like Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM), but also foundry and packaging services that support near-threshold and sub-threshold applications and perfectly satisfy the need for power-efficient and compact solutions.

Ambiq Micro Low Power MCUs and Low Power RTCs ideally complement FEEU’s existing line card, improving the company’s ability to provide its customers with all the components and services needed to build their ultra-low-power applications.

“If you look at FEEU’s product portfolio from a power efficiency standpoint, you will recognise that Ambiq Micro Low Power MCUs and Low Power RTCs are an ideal fit”, says Dr. Klaus-Peter Dyck, Senior Product Marketing Engineer at Fujitsu Electronics Europe. “With its wide range of low-power components like FRAM and services like the near- and sub-threshold foundry and design services, FEEU is the perfect partner for the development of energy-efficient products – from early designs to start of production. Our technological expertise and proven global supply chain accelerate the process of finding the right answers to virtually all of the challenges that may arise.”

Ultra-low-power components like Low Power MCUs and Low Power RTCs from Ambiq Micro are key enablers for many different technologies. Typical areas of application are wearables, wireless sensors and the Internet of Things. As well as off-the-shelf products, FEEU can provide fully customised solutions in these fields.

“Our goal is to be a leading innovation partner and to provide our customers with a highly reliable gateway to the best products and services from all around the globe“, says Axel Tripkewitz, President & Managing Director FEEU. “The addition of Ambiq Micro’s low-power products goes in line with our ‘best-in-class’ approach. Our goal is to offer only carefully selected, leading applications.”

FEEU’s market experience and outstanding technological expertise enable the company to discover synergies between the various components and services and to provide solutions that seamlessly fit together.”


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