element14 announced today that it is co-sponsoring two free one hour webinars with Freescale Semiconductor entitled, “Energy efficient designs made simple with the rich enablement of Kinetis L series microcontrollers.

The difference between the two webinars is in their focus. The September webinar provides a brief introduction of the Kinetis L series MCUs and a deep dive into the enablement solutions. Conversely, the October webinar emphasises the Kinetis L series MCUs and concludes with a more concise look at enablement.

The live webcasts will be presented by two experienced engineers from Freescale’s Automotive, Industrial and Multi-Market Solutions Group, Eduardo Montañez and Michael Norman. Mr. Montañez works on the definition of the Kinetis MCUs and their ecosystem solutions. Mr. Norman manages the Enablement Solutions and Software Strategy.

The presenters will provide a detailed technical overview of Freescale’s Kinetis L series, which combines the energy-efficiency and ease of use of the new ARM Cortex™-M0+ processor with the performance attributes of the Kinetis 32-bit MCU portfolio. They will also discuss Freescale’s hardware and software enablement package and ARM ecosystem, which enable engineers to simplify and accelerate their designs.

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