Programmable logic is the latest topic to be covered with comprehensive online information by EBV Elektronik.
The FPGA website gives an overview of markets and applications, and it also offers a wealth of information – from general knowledge to detailed descriptions of applications.
Visitors can zoom in precisely from the application level to the semiconductor area by clicking on the relevant product in the overview. This will take them to specifics such as technical specifications and logistics details, and it will open up an individual pre-filled form that allows interested individuals to contact the appropriate EBV product specialist.

Harald Friedrich, Director of the FPGA vertical segment at EBV, explains the thinking behind the website launch. “Most websites in our sector do not respond to the individual FPGA needs of our customers,” he says. “This microsite, specially tailored to those needs, includes information on all aspects of programmable logic, offering a highly individualised platform for this segment.”

In the area of markets, the background information of the RF & Wireless website covers everything from automotive electronics and broadcast applications, through home appliances and consumer electronics, industrial electronics, defence and aeronautics, all the way to medical electronics, testing and measurement devices and even renewable energies – and it includes numerous subsections as well.

The Broadcast Applications area shows just how completely the website covers the current range of applications. It takes users to microsites that offer detailed information on video coding/decoding, video processing and conversion, transmission technology and base stations. Another click takes the user from there to the level of semiconductors that can be used specifically with the application in question.


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