The German component distribution industry looks to be emerging from its rocky patch. According to FBDi, Germany’s component distribution association, the turn-over in the third quarter 2013 grew by 3.2% to 716mEuro, compared to the third quarter of 2012. The book-to-bill ratio was 1.01 compared to 0.93 in the same period of the previous year. FBDi expects a slightly positive, low single-digit result for the full year.
Georg Steinberger, FBDi Chairman of the board, said: “While the German components distribution seems to make progress, it is in contrast to the overall economic situation which is not the best for electronics specialists. Compared to the rest of Europe, the German market has lost share slightly, which, considering a share of over 30% is a luxury problem. Irrespective of this, microelectronics remains the cross-sectional technology for all markets such as environment, security, transport, communication or comfort. Also, the German industry is definitely leading in Europe in terms of range and depth of applications, and it is competitive on a world-wide level.”
Concerning the various components groups, the semiconductor market in particular still shows weak turn-over growth of 1% to 484mEuro compared to the previous year . Incoming orders bode well for the future – a strong increase by 13% to 487m Euro could stand for a good fourth quarter and for a good start into 2014. In the same period the passive components increased by 10% in turn-over and by 11.1% in terms of order income at 111m Euro and 110m Euro respectively. Electromechanical business rose by 6.2% to 76m Euro and incoming orders by 5.9% to 79m Euro. The overall allocation – 68% semiconductors; 15% passives; 11% electromechanical – did not change.

The FBDi business climate index indicates an ‘ok’ outlook for the upcoming 12 months with 2.9, according to FBDi members which translates into a moderate and solid growth.

The FBDi is looking to strengthen its trendsetting position with a high-level industry symposium: To mark its 10th anniversary this autumn it will co-host the top level FBDi/IDEA Trend Days conference on November 28 and 29 in Munich. This event addresses CEOs, department heads, design and business development managers, and short- and long-term decisions makers.


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