Component distribution was very much on the up in 2015. The turnover of the FBDi (German Distribution Association) member companies in Germany surged 7.7% to 752m Euro. Orders showed an increase of 11.9% to 784m Euro, resulting in a book-to-bill rate of 1.04, showing the way for a fast start into 2016. Overall the turnover increased by 5.8% to a record 3.14bn Euro. Only weak first half growth of 3% prevented an even better result.
The fourth quarter was impacted by a significant double-digit growth in sensors (+64%), displays (+30%) and power supplies (+16.5%), followed by semiconductors (7.4%) and passive components (6%).
Only the electromechanical sector has stagnated at -1% of growth. For the full-year semiconductors increased by 7% to 2.18bn Euro, passives by 2% to 443m Euro while electromechanicals fell 1.6% to 304m Euro.
Sensors have grown by almost 10% to 20m Euro, displays by 18.8% to 101m Euro and power supplies by 17.3% to 76m Euro. The overall revenue split hardly changed with did hardly change – with semiconductors contributing almost 70% of the business, passives 14% and electromechanicals almost 10%. Displays have a share of 3.2% of the total market, and the share of power supplies is 2.4%.
Georg Steinberger, FBDi Chairman of the board, commented: “The German component distribution industry can be satisfied with the result, even if a plus of 5.8% is at the lower end of the country results in Europe. This is mainly caused by the exchange rate relations, as countries which are mostly invoicing in Dollars or which have strong currencies compared to the Euro, have grown more strongly. This effect will decline considerably, if the Euro/Dollar relationship remains in a stable corridor.”
Steinberger is looking forward to an exciting year in 2016.
“Up to now the German industry – our customers – remained largely immune to the global downturn, considering the ongoing positive order situation. Apparently, the economic development in China has not yet had an influence on our customers so far. On the other hand, the global components market doesn’t show real leaps in growth (measured in Dollar terms); and the production capacities of most of the manufacturers rather indicate over-capacities than shortages. However, the Internet of Things and Smart Industry (Industry 4.0) may spur growth fantasies already during this year. Both issues are reality today and there is no way anymore to stop this train.”


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