The German component distribution market edged up 2.4 per cent in the second quarter of 2015 reporting turnover of 722m Euro, according to FBDI, the German component distribution association.
Orders showed an increase of nearly 9% to 788 million Euro.
Semiconductor sales grew 3.7% to 540m Euro, which corresponds to a 70% share of the total market. Passive components grew slightly to 108m Euro, representing a share of 14%. The electromechanical sector sank 3.1% to nearly 75m Euro, which is a share of 10%. Displays were much brighter showing an increase of 12% to about 23m Euro, representing nearly 3% of the market. And power supplies (batteries, accumulators, converters) did even better posting a 15% increased to 18.5m Euro -2.5% share of the total market.
“After a mixed first quarter all segments are back on a growth and show a rising booking situation, the book-to-bill ratio is also positive with 1.02”, says Georg Steinberger, Chairman of the Board of the FBDi association.
Steinberger expects single digit growth for 2015, as the exchange rate fluctuations weaken and European national economies will recover again.


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