The German component distribution market is expecting a rock solid business year with a single-digit growth. In the third quarter the industry showed an increase of 6% in turn-over and in order income. The turn-over grew to 741 Mio. Euro, and the incoming orders rose to 738m Euro. The book-to-bill-rate was exactly 1.

Semiconductor sales grew above average by 8.1% to 510m Euro, and market share remains at 69%. Passive components were weaker edging forward by 2.6% to 107m Euro with 14% share of the total market. Electromechanical components sales were slower still posting an increase of only 1.6% to 77m Euro and a 10% share. Power supplies almost matched the semiconductor performance. Sales grew 6% to 17m Euro. Nevertheless their share of the total market is rather small with only 2%.

FBDi Chairman of the Board, Georg Steinberger (pictured), says: “Compared to the global economy the electronics industry in general and the components distribution in particular is in a very good position. For the total year we expect an increase in turn-over of 6% to 7%, which corresponds to the European average. This is a success, since the situation at the components market is still marked by overcapacities and price pressure. Due to the solid order situation we expect a solid but not spectacular 2015. Assuming that there will be no exceptional events, the increase shall be in a low single-digit range.”

FBDi also sees the short- and midterm outlook as positive: “The German market not only has its specialties such as a large share of automotive electronics, but is also characterised by a somewhat robust manufacturing culture. Compared to other European countries the electronic manufacturing has been shifted offshore by a much smaller degree. There is also the fact of a sustainable export performance of German high technology. Transferred to the turn-over of components this means potential for growth above-average,” adds Steinberger.


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