The UC530 from Fastrax is the world’s smallest OEM GPS receiver with an integrated chip antenna. The module features the same ultra-small form factor as the widely popular Fastrax UC430. Majoruc530 difference between the UC530 and UC430 is the input voltage range, the UC530 has an extended input voltage range of +3.0V to +4.3V.

The UC530 features a high sensitivity of -165 dBm (tracking) and a low power consumption of only 45mW. The module can directly be connected to a lithium battery, allowing designers to omit cost-adding regulators.

The integrated chip antenna exhibits significantly better radiation efficiency than small patch antennas and performs well against larger and heavier patch antennas. When the optional external antenna is used, the embedded antenna works as a low-cost back up.

With its new AlwaysLocat mode, the UC530 autonomously activates periodically to provide location information, consuming only 3 mW average power depending on moving scenario. In addition, the Embedded Assist System reduces warm-start TTFF by up to 90% with autonomously calculated ephemeris data for next three days. The embedded jammer remover in the Fastrax UC530 helps solve issues with distorting signals due to electromagnetic interference.

• Extremely tiny form factor (9.6 x 14.0 x 1.95mm)
• Embedded GPS antenna
• Superior sensitivity: -148dBm (cold start) and -165dBm (tracking)
• Ultra low power: 45mW @ 3.3V
• Low power modes including AlwaysLocate
• Direct supply connectivity to Lithium battery
• Connectivity for external GPS antenna
• Self-assisted for 3 days by EASY
• Up to 10 Hz navigation rate
• Jammer remover AIC

• Handheld computers
• Digital cameras
• Mobile phones
• Asset tracking devices

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