Farnell has today announced six new microsites that focus on the key segments of Wireless, Transportation, Defense and Aerospace, Robotics, Medical and Instrumentation & Measurement. These are in addition to the Lighting, Alternative Energy and Sensing microsites launched earlier this year. Customers using the sites are able to browse through an extensive range of products and information resources from leading manufacturers. These segment-specific solutions help engineers research design alternatives, which can be implemented using the design kits, tools and services available on the Knode on element14, an on-line source for engineering knowledge and design productivity solutions.

Wireless technology is one of the most rapidly evolving fields, especially with the increasing popularity of mobile platforms. Today, almost every handheld consumer device comes with some type of wireless connectivity option. Farnell offers over 6,000 wireless products that are essential in the design, testing and prototyping phase of the product development life cycle. These components from foremost suppliers such as Freescale, Microchip and Texas Instruments support popular functions such as WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and 3G and can be used in a variety of applications ranging from Automotive Telematics to Wireless Data Acquisition.

Farnell’s Transportation microsite allows engineers to find a broad range of automotive grade products from key market players, such as International Rectifier, Molex and Vishay, together with technical documentation. The integration of information, product and design resources on a single platform enable engineers to access new technologies and electronic components to make vehicles safer, efficient and reliable.

With the increasing complexity of designs, engineers have to rely on best-in-class products and technologies to provide them with accurate measurements on a diverse range of electrical parameters. The Instrumentation and Measurement microsite gives engineers access to over 3,000 advanced, precision Test & Measurement solutions from leading specialists in the market, including Agilent Technologies, Fluke, LeCroy and Tektronix to help engineers verify, diagnose, fix and fine-tune their complex hardware designs.

The Defence and Aerospace microsite features products that reduce time to market and design time featuring products from suppliers like Amphenol, Harwin and Freescale.

A dedicated solutions site for Robotics developers and engineers has also been launched that contains 1000s of products and solutions directly linking with the element14 community Robotics Group. Engineers have access to product information, solutions content, video materials and tutorials, discussion groups and blogs.

Medical Electronics is one of the most rapidly evolving areas of electronics design and leads the industry with perhaps the most innovative use of analogue signal chain, embedded processing and sensing technologies and products. Featured solutions, design resources and product training videos assist engineers with the design and implementation of the most challenging systems, while simultaneously keeping them up to date with the latest innovations that open up new Medical applications.

“With the rapid evolution of technology, one of the biggest challenges for engineers is that they continuously face a steep learning curve. By consolidating the latest products with relevant information resources such as development tools and software, training videos and white papers on the same platform, we aim to provide a one-stop location that meets all their needs,” says Bee Thakore, Senior Technical Marketing manager, Farnell Europe. “By combining our expertise and best-in-class inventory, we aim to empower electronic design engineers with the best tools to maximise the products’ utilities and facilitate innovation throughout the product lifecycle.”

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