Farnell element14 has announced it will now be able to offer Emerson Network Power’s µMP series of configurable power supplies in record time. Farnell element14 has built an easy-to-use online configuration tool which enables design engineers to explore the possibilities of the product and specify the power supply that will meet their exact needs. The configuration could be supplied in 10 days or less, which is incredibly fast considering the usual lead time for this kind of product is measured in weeks.

Emerson Network Power’s µMP line of configurable power supplies provides market-leading density, efficiency, and reliability, with industrial and medical certifications. This announcement makes Farnell element14 the only high service distributor offering a configuration service in EMEA within very strict timelines and at a cost that rivals non-configurable power supplies while providing the flexibility that can eliminate the need for a custom solution in many scenarios.

“This offer supports our vision to provide our customers with bespoke services and solutions at every level of their design,” said Mike Buffham, Director of Product and Supplier Management, Farnell element14. “A customer has an opportunity to customise the PSU to exact specification and receive the unique product in a significantly shorter time and at very competitive cost.”

“Farnell element14 is the only Emerson distributor that has the online configuration tool matched with the speed of delivery,” said Joe Voyles, Sales Vice President, Key Accounts and Distribution for Embedded Power at Emerson Network Power. “This is the first time an online tool has been made available to configure power supplies and the offer from Farnell element14 breaks records in terms of speed of delivery.”

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