Farnell element14 has expanded its proposition to include software tools and an instant e-delivery capability for software purchases.
Engineers will be able to purchase software suites and packages immediately via all channels – including online, call centres and field sales – for immediate download. Access will be available to an expanding portfolio of software products, as Farnell element14 combines recent additions to its global software offering – from the likes of Altium, Atollic, Mathworks and Timesys – with leading software products from ARM, MicroChip, CadSoft and NXP.
Research and purchase can be undertaken online via the new software section of the Design Centre.
The distributor has also invested in new support capabilities for prospective software customers in the form of a Certified Software Applications team, who can deliver rapid responses to technical queries. Additionally, a range of related technical guides and tutorial videos accompany each product, in order to support the customer through the purchasing decision.
“Software is becoming a more significant part of electronic design today in terms of the time and resources dedicated to it, and this new capability ensures Farnell element14 is set up to meet the evolving needs of engineers,” said David Shen, Group CTO at Premier Farnell. “We are continually working to improve the customer experience and, through our unique e-delivery options, our customers will be able to instantly activate, download and install software from multiple suppliers – for the first time in our industry.”
“The time-to-market window is shrinking, and this new delivery method ensures our customers can spend more time on their designs instead of waiting for their software to arrive. It’s an approach that is redefining the software space, and ensuring Farnell element14 continues to support its customers at every stage of the development process, from early stage design, right through to production.”
Additionally, customers will be able to purchase software products from a range of other suppliers, including Texas Instruments, Freescale, Keysight and Analog Devices. These products are currently delivered in a physical format (e.g. CD) or digitally, but via the supplier themselves. Further partnerships will be announced throughout the year, continuing on the journey to become the destination for both the software and hardware that engineers require to develop their products.


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