This year’s electronica in Munich proved to be a great success for Farnell element14.electronica

International visitors were able to access a range of exclusive products and solution from companies from Freescale, Atmel and EnOcean to Tektronix. One of the key demonstrations was from Raspberry Pi of its new accessories the Gertboard and the PiFace, both exclusively available through Farnell element14. Live guests at the booth included the inventor of the Gertboad, Gert Van Loo and the co-founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, Pete Lomas.

A PiFace-controlled animatronics chicken spread the word whenever somebody was using Twitter to talk about electronica and Farnell element14 and ARM exclusively showed its new development tool Keil MCBSTM32F400 Starter Kit. On the CadSoft moon base visitors raced each other with moon buggies, designed with the EAGLE software and part of CadSoft’s project to land the first commercial vehicle on the moon.

Farnell element14’s performance was honoured with several supplier awards. Omron, ROHM, 3M and Samtec each recognized Farnell element14’s excellent distribution achievements for their products.
Although most visitors came from Germany, the booth generated attention from an international audience as well. Guests from Italy, Austria, Poland and the Czech Republic completed the list of the countries most interested in the Farnell element14 booth.

Neil Harrison, President of Farnell element14, said: “The buzz at electronica was amazing. The preparation, planning and execution was first class. Our stand was certainly the busiest which is testimony to a great team. It was fantastic, welcoming and high tech, it really came alive showing the end to end process taking the design engineer from research stages, to designing, on to the final product build.“

Exhibitors at the electronica-booth of Farnell element14 were:

Agilent Technologies
Analog Devices
Freescale Microchip
Raspberry Pi
Texas Instruments

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