‘Build your own BoosterPack’ is a new portal from Farnell element14 that provides supporting resources to enable designers to create their own BoosterPack, an add-on board designed to work with one of Texas Instruments (TI’s) microcontroller (MCU) LaunchPad evaluation kits.

The step-by-step process gives the engineering and maker communities a systematic framework to work with to bring a new product to market. The site offers comprehensive support through its links to leading industry partners whom developers will need to collaborate with on creating their new board, such as design, raising funds, prototyping, manufacture and promoting the board.

David Shen, Chief Technology Officer at Premier Farnell said: “We are proud to launch this industry-first portal on our 200,000 member-strong Community site where we bring design engineers, hobbyists and supplier partners in direct contact and shorten tremendously their time-to-market for a new product. We encourage and support our customers to develop new add-ons to the TI MCU LaunchPad and we will help take them from conception of design through development, prototyping to delivery in the market.”

Using TI’s MCU LaunchPad evaluation kits, such as the MSP430 LaunchPads, C2000 LaunchPad, Hercules LaunchPad and Tiva LaunchPad, developers can design their own add-on BoosterPack accessory board. They are encouraged to leverage the element14 Community as a one-stop shop to submit their ideas to garner interest and more ideas, collaborate with others, raise funds to build their BoosterPack, get their design quoted and built, to promoting the new product. Visit www.element14.com/community

Adrian Fernandez, Manager – TI MCU Launchpad ecosystem, Texas Instruments, said: “The ecosystem of TI MCU LaunchPads is widely used across many industry segments as a way to evaluate TI’s MCU platforms in an easy and cost-effective manner. Applications include consumer electronics, alternative energy, automation, medical electronics and so much more. Our innovative customers constantly impress us with the new functionalities they design into their BoosterPacks, and we are delighted to collaborate in the hosting of this one-stop portal at element14 which facilitates step-by-step the creation of an add-on, right through to production and delivery. This makes it possible now for any developer to turn an idea for a BoosterPack into a commercial success.”


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