Farnell, the leading multi-channel electronics distributor, has launched an innovative scheme to re-use packaging that would otherwise be disposed of by its customers, saving costs and benefitting the environment. In addition, the company has worked with its local Leeds branch of Remploy, the national provider of employment services to people suffering from complex barriers to work, to create job opportunities as part of the process.

The new approach encourages customers to return packaging used to transport semiconductors sold by Farnell to the company free of charge. The service has been welcomed by customers who would otherwise have had the burden of disposing of the packaging themselves. Once returned, Farnell takes the most environmentally friendly route, by re-using the packaging for future sales, as a result reducing the cost of purchasing new packaging.

Customers simply request a recycling pack from their Farnell account manager and, when they have a full box to return, they use their standard product returns process to have this collected free of charge. Some of the packaging requires sorting and cleaning before it can be re-used, a part of the process where Remploy were more than happy to support.

“Offering a service that is of benefit to customers, protects the environment and makes great business sense is exactly what we look for to support our sustainability strategy,” said Steven Webb, Company Secretary and General Counsel for Premier Farnell. “When you add in the benefit of creating a new employment opportunity for local people, this really is the perfect win, win, win solution.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Farnell, supporting a new development in their customer offering. We can see the clear benefits for them, their customers and the environment, as well as our employees,” says Tina Brown, Factory Manager at Remploy Leeds. “All of the people who work here are disabled & have complex needs which can make it challenging for them to find employment in mainstream businesses, this kind of work has great benefits for both them and the trainees we support.”

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