FAR414_HRESFarnell has announced an exclusive agreement with Bourns to stock the company’s two RS-485 evaluation boards. Bourns, a leading manufacturer of a wide range of electronic devices including circuit protection components, sensors, potentiometers, switches and magnetic products, developed the two boards to provide customers using its TBU® High-Speed Protector (HSP), metal oxide varistor (MOV), gas discharge tube (GDT) and transient voltage suppression (TVS) products a fast and convenient way of evaluating circuit protection on RS-485 serial device port solutions. Bourns TBU® HSP solution offers enhanced performance features over competing technologies, which can help design engineers increase the surge and transient protection levels on RS-485 ports and place the entire circuit protection solution into a smaller PCB area.

In addition to offering the two evaluation boards, Farnell stocks almost 6,000 Bourns products. Engineers can also access comprehensive design support including application notes and collaborate with peers via the element14 Knode which provides a single interface to design engineering solutions.

RS-485 is one of the most common interface standards, and due to their prevalence in industrial settings, RS-485 systems must be capable of operating in very noisy and harsh electrical environments. In order to avoid damage and overload of the system, the use of robust and reliable circuit protection is required.

“Evaluation boards are an important part of what Farnell offers its customers to help them speed and simplify the development and implementation of new designs,” said: Mike Buffham, Director of Product, Asset & Supplier Management, Farnell Europe. “By offering the Bourns evaluation boards plus a comprehensive range of their products and the opportunity to design utilising our element14 knode platform, we are providing a one-stop location for engineers to successfully address circuit protection in their RS-485 port interface designs.”

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