Largest stocked analogue product portfolio in Europe provides wide choice to customers with 24/7 technical support and next-day delivery

Farnell, the leading multi-channel distributor, has added 800 new analogue products from Microchip Technology to its portfolio, making it the first European distributor to have the largest stock of the new products in Europe.

Customers now have access to the latest analogue range, which includes low power op amps, low voltage boost switching regulators and delta sigma A/D converters.

Analogue products are used as connection between the digital world to the real world which is analogue. Products involved are power management like switching voltage converter and linear regulators, supervisor ICs and mixed signal products amplifiers, data converters, sensors, digital potentiometers.

Through its industry-leading websites featuring tools such as Live Chat, and easily accessible data sheets, Farnell is able to support its electronics design engineering customers with information and ideas to help them select the most appropriate components and devices for their new designs. The element14 online engineering community provides a unique additional resource. Further information about the Microchip analogue range can be found by clicking here.

Farnell Europe’s Head of Semiconductors, Passives and Optoelectronics (SEPO) Product & Supplier management, Richard Curtin, said: “Being the first distributor to stock the largest analogue product range from Microchip reiterates how Farnell and element14 are leading technology in the electronics sector. By working with us, design engineers across the globe can be confident that they are getting access to the very latest technology from industry-leading suppliers for their new designs.”

“Microchip has seen significant sales growth from its Analogue & Interface Product Division over recent years. Farnell’s marketing skills plus the increased analogue portfolio will help generate and support many new designs,” added Mike McGlade, Sales Channel Manager, Microchip.


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