Farnell has strengthened its logic analyser and handheld oscilloscopes offering by signing a deal with Ikalogic. The product range includes both wireless and battery operation (enabling isolation from mains voltage) and software which runs on Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems.

The standard USB connection turns any computer into a measuring system allowing processing of hours of high frequency signals and identification of rare events.

State of the art hardware guarantees reliable measurements and open-source add-on scripts offer in-depth analysis.

Key products include the IkaScope WS200, an ultra-portable, battery powered wireless oscilloscope probe. It connects to any WiFi enabled screen including desktop computer, tablet or smartphone to display captured signals and reliable measurements within a few seconds of using the product. Patented ProbeClick technology automatically holds captured signals when the probe tip is released.

The SP209 Series 9-Channel, 200MSPS logic analyser features an embedded 2 GB sampling memory and industrial bus receivers. It can capture logic signals and analyse I2C, SPI, CAN, RS232, 1-Wire, and 30 more protocols. The performance of the SP209 does not depend on USB connection bandwidth.

The SP209 is ideal for embedded systems development and debugging, serial protocols analysis, industrial bus analysis, ADC (Analogue to Digital Converter) diagnostics, reverse engineering, research and educational facilities.

Also available from Farnell is the SQ Series (ScanaQuad), a low budget logic analyser which can capture, analyse and generate logic signals on 4 channels, at sampling rates up to 200MHz, allowing analysis and debugging of all serial protocols.

Free ScanaStudio software is included to display, decode and analyse captured signals. Device performance does not depend on USB connection bandwidth. The SQ Series may be used for development and debugging of embedded systems and firmware, analysis of serial protocols, reverse engineering and education.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test and Tools for Farnell says: “We continue to offer our customers an ever-expanding range of competitively priced test and measurement products designed with engineers in mind. Farnell’s test and measurement range is all-inclusive and holistic, ensuring the engineering community is supported at every level, from beginners right through to professionals.”

Farnell offers its customers 24/5 technical support from their in-house test and measurement specialists and provides free access to online resources, data sheets, application notes, videos and webinars.

Ikalogic handheld oscilloscopes and logic analysers are available for same day despatch from Farnell in EMEA and element14 in APAC.


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