The European Semiconductor Industry Association (ESIA) says European semiconductor sales dipped 1.7% to $2.826bn compared to May. Worldwide semiconductor sales in June 2015 amounted to $27.99bn, a 0.4% decline from May. The report is based on the latest sales data released by World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS). The worldwide sales figure represents a 0.4% decrease from May.
All growth figures represent a three month rolling average.
Despite the overall decline there were, compared to May, areas of growth in Europe, notably in sales of microcontrollers and Digital Signal Processors.The memory market showed good growth.
Looking at application-specific chips, sales of semiconductor devices designed to be used in automotive, wired communication and consumer applications performed particularly well in June.
On Euro basis, semiconductor sales in Europe were at €2.556bn in June 2015, down 2.9% from May. Looking at YOY growth, Euro-Dollar exchange rates have still a significant impact on the sales picture. On US Dollar basis, sales in Europe declined by 11.5%, whereas on Euro basis sales increased by 9.8%.


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