Etek Europe announces that it signed a global distribution contract with STP Electronics for the Inspectoscan First Article Optical Inspection system during the recent NEW tradeshow in Tunisia.

Inspectoscan has been developed by SMT line engineers for SMT line engineers for effortless inspection of first-off assemblies. Based on a professional high resolution (dpi) scanner, the system can recognize board edges or fiducials (auto align) and this automatically aligns with the centroid CAD data from any pick-and-place format in addition to the ability to additionally overlay a board map / plan.

The CAD data can provide part type, reference, size and positional location(s). The inspecting operator can further add polarity check marks and a free text box to add specific comments. On completion of the cycle a “golden reference board” has been created that can then be used to compare with other boards produced in the same or future batches.

Ideal for component identification, the system stores all of the assembled board information and features an auto compare function against a golden board. Inspectoscan is cost effective for small-volume production and prototyping.

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