Ericsson Power Modules expands its distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics

E0119-MouserExtensionWorld-class supplier of DC/DC power modules for distributed power architectures Ericsson Power Modules has extended its distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics to include the APAC regions. Mouser is an electronic component distributor, focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies to electronic design engineers.

Customers throughout the APAC regions now have the convenience of ordering Ericsson’s complete DC/DC converter range including its latest digitally controlled converters from Mouser. Mouser currently has branch locations throughout Asia in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and China. Mouser has launched websites and printed catalogs in multiple currencies and languages.

Patrick Le Fevre, Marketing & Communication Director at Ericsson Power Modules, said, “We are pleased to extend our agreement with Mouser Electronics to include the Asia Pacific region. We can now offer those customers the ability to buy Ericsson Power Modules products from Mouser. Throughout our partnership with Mouser Electronics, we have benefited from their wealth of experience, knowledge, excellent customer service, and outstanding level of professionalism.”

Keith Privett, Mouser Vice President Interconnect, Electromechanical, Power, and Test, says, “We are excited that Ericsson Power Modules has expanded our distribution agreement into the APAC regions. Ericsson’s wide range of DC/DC converters, along with Mouser’s expertise of introducing the newest products faster than any other distributor, are what make this distribution expansion a winning combination. Mouser is committed to being the source most preferred by design engineers worldwide.”

Mouser’s Ericsson stock includes hundreds of DC/DC converters and regulators with output power ranges from 1.65W to 700W, inputs from 2.95V to 53V, and a variety of package sizes.

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