element14 (formerly Farnell), the industry’s first fusion of commerce and community supporting engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide, today announced the expansion of their 130,000 strong inventory with the addition of Tektronix precise and intuitive oscilloscopes. These high performance and easy-to-use solutions provide the maintenance and repair, and electronic design engineering sectors as well as aspiring engineers in schools with effective tools to measure and evaluate their designs.

As manufacturing industries around the globe continue to shift their operations to the Asia Pacific, this trend has created a rich ecosystem of technological sophistication that supports the production of a wide spectrum of electronics. As a result, design support and maintenance engineers are constantly challenged to find versatile analysis solutions that are capable of evaluating complex systems. There is also an increased demand for simpler tools so that engineers are able to apply these solutions more easily and proficiently across several product categories, thus improving time to market while supporting the development process from concept to end of life.

“As the world’s leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, Tektronix is in the business of helping design engineers solve their day-to-day challenges,” said David Carew-Jones, Vice-President of Marketing, Service Solutions Organisation, Tektronix. “We do this by designing products that are easy to use and provide the highest level of precision, and it is important that our customers have the easiest access to the tools they need to do their job. Therefore, we are delighted with this partnership we have with element14 in Asia as their extensive network and logistical expertise help to ensure that engineers throughout the region can get easy access to our latest technology.”

“As the electronics manufacturing sector continues to expand in the Asia Pacific, there is also a corresponding growth in the number of electronic engineers the region. element14 understands that evaluating the validity of designs is an essential phase of design cycles,” says Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific. “New engineers can learn and build up their proficiency through Tektronix analytical tools which are specifically designed for learning purposes. In addition, element14 also offers 24/5 online technical support, relevant technical information and a complete suite of design software to help professionals, hobbyists and students to overcome any challenges.”

Easy-to-master measurement solutions with unparalleled precision and performance

One of the Tektronix oscilloscopes that element14 offers is the TSD1000C-EDU series that is designed for first time users. It features an intuitive interface that has dedicated per-channel vertical controls, auto set-up and auto ranging, making the oscilloscopes simple to operate to reduce the learning time.

Top-in-class precision and reliable performance

Captures signals accurately with at least 10X over-sampling on all channels, all the time with Tektronix’s proprietary sampling technology

Advance triggers – rising/ falling edge, pulse width, and video – to help identify and isolate the signals of interest

Advanced math capabilities and sixteen different automated measurements

Integrates USB port to enable users to save their instrument settings, screenshots and waveform data easily

Comes with an Education Resource CD that contains a library of information and guidance tools

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