What would constitute your ultimate development kit? A pipedream? Well not if element14 has anything to do with it. The high service distributor has launched a global design initiative to discover the ultimate development kit for engineers and makers. The Dream Board project, live now on the element14 Community, allows users to create and brand their own virtual development kit using an interactive tool.
The project aims to uncover the components and technologies that today’s engineers are looking for, using an innovative crowdsourcing approach. The interactive tool allows users to assemble their ideal development kit online by selecting from a range of technical options relating to board size, processor, memory, sensors, features, interface and connectivity and core architecture.
Once an engineer has configured their desired technical specifications, personalisation features allow users to name their board, add a description, upload a logo and choose the board colour. The completed design can be saved and shared online, enabling users to show off their designs.
element14 will combine the most popular components selected to create the ultimate Dream Board, which will be unveiled later in the year.
The initiative builds on the results of a survey carried out by element14 earlier this month, exploring the dilemmas engineers face in choosing development kits in the design process. It revealed the most important features and requirements are: physical interface and connectivity, and processor data width and speed with memory, the core architecture and on-board sensors being less critical.
Dianne Kibbey Global Head of Community, element14, comments: “Our Dream Board initiative will provide valuable insights into how engineers and makers want to see development kits evolving. We will be able to find out what makes up the ‘perfect’ board for our customers, what that will enable them to do and how they are looking to push boundaries in development kit design.
“We have a 250,000 strong element14 Community that is actively driving innovation and sharing ideas, but we are looking for input from everyone involved in the electronics design and production process. It’s an exciting initiative and there’s a real possibility we can feed these development kit requirements back into the production process to help shape the evolution of the market with our key partners.”
The interactive Dream Board project follows the launch of the element14 Design Center, a new online resource for engineers that offers the most comprehensive range of development tool information, alongside best in class application and product information, all in one place.


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