Strategic alliance allows electronic design engineers to access an extensive range of oscilloscopes and address rising demands in the Asia Pacific

element14 (formerly Farnell), the industry’s first fusion of commerce and community supporting engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide, today announced a new partnership with LeCroy, one of the world’s leading provider of oscilloscopes, protocol analysers and related test and measurement solutions, as part of the company’s commitment to provide a full suite of solutions for customers in the Asia Pacific.

As the Asia Pacific enhances its position as a growing R&D hub and manufacturing powerhouse on the international stage, the demand for end-user electronics has soared in the region. These products are increasingly becoming more customized and sophisticated in design, making analysis and testing more complex and rigorous than before. It has become more challenging for electronic design engineers to analyse complex electronic systems and perform fast and accurate evaluation of their designs in order to reduce time to market.

element14 offers a comprehensive range of LeCroy products out of its Asia Pacific inventory portfolio of 130,000 products that apply to crucial applications in electronics design and maintenance, repair and operations support from design concept through to end of life. Customers can purchase LeCroy solutions with no minimum order quantity and next day delivery for products that are stocked within the Asia Pacific inventory. element14 also provides 24/7 customer support and 24/5 online technical support to ensure that they have access to the necessary resources to help them overcome any challenges.

“We recognise that Asia Pacific has a huge market for high performance oscilloscopes and we are thrilled at the possibilities of how we can step up and meet these demands as well as engage new segments of this vast market through our partnership with element14,” said Conrad Fernandes, Vice President of Sales, LeCroy, Asia Pacific. “element14’s unique platform enables us to better understand and support the needs of the community. This allows us to anticipate and exceed evolving market requirements in order to provide more relevant and effective analysis solutions to address and build a mutually beneficial relationship with the engineering community.”

“This strategic alliance with LeCroy marks another milestone in our commitment to becoming a one-stop solution for electronic design engineers in the region,” said Salman Syed, Regional Head, element14, Asia Pacific. “The analytical tools from LeCroy are staple solutions in the design and maintenance phase for engineers across different sectors, and element14 will complement these products with our extensive services ranging from information, software to technical solutions and design tools.”

Smart, simple and efficient analysis solutions for more effective electronic designs
The primary function of oscilloscopes is to help design engineers measure and analyse intricate electronic signals in order to develop high performance systems and validate designs, which makes these analytical solutions indispensable to engineers across multiple industries. In order to address the increasing sophisticated designs of end-user products, LeCroy consolidated the functions of conventional oscilloscopes with the cutting-edge applications to create the reliable and intelligent WaveAce 101 and WaveJet 324A.

WaveAce Oscilloscopes offer bandwidths from 40MHz to 300MHz, and support 32 completely automatic measurements. This small but versatile analytical tool combines long memory, colour display and advanced triggering consisting of Edge, Pulse Width, Video and Slope, to enable engineers to customise their measurements and ensure impeccable accuracy in their results. The WaveAce is also equipped with LAN/RS-232 and USB connections for printers, memory sticks, PCs, and remote control, providing engineers with flexibility with regard to the platforms that they can work with. These features provide excellent troubleshooting capabilities and debug time that exceeds the expectations of the engineering community.

The WaveJet 324A’s banner specifications, feature set and intuitive user interface allow engineers to easily grasp the functionality of this product, allowing them to simplify their work and shorten their debug time. Simplicity aside, the WaveJet 324A is able to capture Waveform details from the minutest to the most important with its impressive Trigger capabilities. Its visually impressive 7.5 inch display is backed up by long 500 kpts/Ch memory and 2GS/s sample rates. In addition, engineers can also use its unique replay mode to review the history of the signals captured, then use the measurement tools to analyse the waveforms. This enables engineers to perform a more accurate and detailed evaluation of their designs in order to create more designs and optimise the debugging process.

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