Farnell element14 has partnered with soldering system specialist Weller to introduce the WSD 121 Soldering Station which provides precision technology for high quality soldering management.

It can be used for standard soldering, application on large mass through-hole components, multilayer boards, or metal parts which require maximum power from the heating element to transfer the necessary heat.

A ‘power on demand’ soldering tool, the WSD 121 senses the thermal requirement for each solder joint size and applies a precise tip temperature during soldering.

Further features include: 120W heating output; the new WP 120 Fast Response Soldering Iron (ca. 14sec. 50 – 350°C); ESD Safe; low running costs; and a low introductory price.

Chris Godfrey, Global Product Director Test & Tools at Farnell element14, said: “The WSD 121 Set offers excellent value for the user, from up-front pricing through to overall cost of ownership. Weller’s long lasting heating element withstands tens of thousands of heating and cooling cycles giving it a high life expectancy.


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