element14 (formerly Farnell), the industry’s first fusion of commerce and community supporting engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide, today announced the expansion of its 130,000 strong inventory to include terminal blocks from FCI, one of the world’s largest connector manufacturers. element14 is the first in Asia Pacific to stock the new range of FCI high performance signal and power terminal blocks, as both companies continue to strengthen their relationship and commitment to provide the most relevant and effective connector solutions to the engineering community in Asia Pacific.

As consumer and industrial requirements drive the demand for more intuitive and compact end products even further, engineers must adapt to increasingly complex designs as well as multiple integrated subsystems. Innovative connector solutions provide crucial links between the diverse subsystems and allow engineers to create an integrated and logical structure within the equipment or device.

Terminal blocks are staple components in every circuit as they provide convenient and effective solutions to link the multitude of wiring enclosed within. FCI connector solutions utilise cutting edge rising-cage clamp technology allowing engineers to establish perfect connection which are long-life and reliable even after repeated usage.

The FCI terminal block series are available in various configurations and sizes. The modular system of these components include from 2 to 24 positions in various pitch-sizes ranging from 3.50mm to 7.62mm and wire sizes, for signal and power solutions. The robust designs of these terminal blocks ensure durability of up to 200 cycles, which significantly improve the lifespan of end products and minimise the need for repair and replacement.

The versatile nature of these components also allows for greater flexibility to operate optimally even in a wide spectrum of demanding applications in industrial, instrumentation, and communication environments.

“As engineers in the region experience an influx of technology from around the world, they will require high quality components and technical support to facilitate its growth,” says Kelvin Ng, Asia Pacific Distribution Director, FCI Electronics. “We believe that by working closely with element14, our customers can easily access our innovative range of high performance connector solutions and our technical expertise through their online community, thus providing comprehensive solutions to their business and design challenges.”

“At element14, we believe in enabling the evolution of electronic products from concept through to end-of-life by providing integrated solutions that encompass both the latest components and relevant technical information,” says Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific. “As the first distributor to introduce FCI terminal block solutions, our customers can easily acquire the highest quality and most relevant resources in terms of components and technical knowledge through our online community to create, evolve and enhance their designs, thus improving productivity and the quality of their end-products.”

The element14 online platform provides a single dynamic reference hub to address all of the engineers’ needs. Engineers can access the most updated product data from the manufacturers as well as a comprehensive suite of design tools and software such as the element14 knode to help them optimise their designs. 24/5 technical support and 24/7 customer support are also readily available to help engineers overcome any difficulties.

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