element14 has today announced it is to launch a new discussion series to identify the leaders and innovators of tomorrow, emerging technologies and trends to help the electronics industry push the barriers of scientific and engineering progress.

As a community, element14 provides engineers across the globe the opportunity to interact with each other, find out information about key products and services as well as get expert advice from their peers too. The launch of this search to find future innovators is the start of element14 providing a community platform to bring together manufacturing leaders and engineers to foster innovation in the industry.

Over the past couple of months we have seen the loss of a number of great innovators that have significantly impacted the industry and the wider electronics community. With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, John McCarthy, the author of the first list-processing language, and Dennis Ritchie, the creator of the C programming language, it appears that the torch is presently being passed from one generation to the next. element14 is launching a discussion series asking the question – Who’s the next great innovator within the electronics community?

“At element14, we believe that innovation can happen anywhere and at any time. As a high service distributor we think of ourselves as the enablers of innovation. We are here to provide the expert views, opinions, information and services that make all our customers the great innovators of tomorrow,” commented Kevin Yapp, Chief Marketing Officer at element14. “If we look at the lives of Steve Jobs, John McCarthy or Dennis Ritchie, we see individuals who set the standard for the electronics innovation by first questioning the limitations. The electronics industry would not be as big, significant or pervasive if it weren’t for these and many others’ contributions. I am sure we may already have the next big innovator as a member of the element14 community.”

The challenge has been set to all members of the vibrant global element14 community of engineers, hobbyists and scientists across the electronics industry to say who they think will become the brightest among the forthcoming luminaries.

The search will take place globally and community members can go to the discussion thread at Innovators of Tomorrow to tell us who they think the next great innovator is. The discussion and its results will form part of a future element14 Innovation series.

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