Electrocomponents has today (April 4) rolled a brand new global business unit targeting the single board computer (SBC) and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Called OKdo, it will have its own dedicated team, website and partners, separate from its sister company RS Components.

With a tight focus, it will offer complete solution support for the SBC and IoT segments. Hardware, software, technical support, PCB prototyping and access to manufacturing services will all be on tap for customers.

“We can expand the ecosystem around the SBC and IoT markets, said Claire Doyle (pictured), Global Senior Vice President, Commercial. “We have the technical capability to make that happen.”

OKdo will take aim at both the B2C and B2B markets with an appeal for makers, entrepreneurs, industrial designers, educators and reseller partners.

“B2C customers could be makers, or it could be parents wanting to access hardware to support their child’s coding lessons.”

“Industrial designers, engineers working on private projects, or working in OEMs are the B2B target customers,” she added.

Richard Curtin, Senior Vice President, Technology says the company’s website will be packed with information.

“Videos, case studies, an arena for engineers to talk about ideas, how to meet challenges and overcome obstacles, all the information users will need to pursue a project,” he explained, “alongside a wide range of products ready to buy.”

The webste Okdo.com is now live in seven countries – the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, US and Japan.

OKdo will have its own separate stock locations to supply customers. The initial focus will be on single board computers embracing the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone and Arduino families.

The company will also set out with an impressive list of supplier partnerships.

“We have agreements in place with ARM, where we are now a partner in the ARM Mbed platform, Intel, NXP and Seeed,” Curtin revealed.

Agreements are also in place with rising, savvy start up including the likes of Zerynth and The Things Industries.

Other products vital to the IoT ecosystem including sensors and connectors will be added. For the moment OKdo can call on sister companies RS and Allied for support on these products.

OKdo customers will also be able to access a free, agnostic IoT cloud platform.

“It’s easy to use,” says Curtin, “and enables users to automate data capture and visualise their results.”

OKdo will be headquartered in London with offices in Europe, North America and in Shenzhen, China to support the Asia/Pacific region. Each region will have its own sales team and dedicated technical support from team of engineers. As the business grows, OKdo expects to be a team of 40 people by year end.

Claire Doyle, OKdo’s Global SVP, Commercial, said: “SBC and IoT are demanding disruptive markets that expect imagination, creativity and technical expertise in abundance.

“OKdo brings a truly global proposition to deliver all that and more. Not just hardware, but the additional support and services that customers in these segments need to thrive and succeed.”

“OKdo is testament to our passion for innovation,” said Electrocomponents CEO, Lindsley Ruth. “It brings SBC and IoT customers the latest products, solutions and ideas to inspire and enable them to create technology that makes life better.”


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