Electrocomponents has joined The Valuable 500 (https://www.thevaluable500.com/), a global organisation committed to advancing disability inclusion in the workplace.

The goal is to persuade 500 influential multinational companies that have 1,000 employees or more to make a public commitment to advancing disability inclusion in their organisation and take the lead in encouraging governments and societies to follow suit.

Electrocomponents believes that embracing difference is fundamental to commercial success and has a policy in place that is committed to diversity and inclusion across all of its businesses around the world.

This investment in its people is underpinned by four key priorities – wellbeing, LGBTQ+, gender and race.

By valuing different views and perspectives in its workforce, Electrocomponents aims to attract and harness top talent to serve the diverse needs, beliefs and backgrounds of its customers and suppliers.

As an example, the company is actively engaged in discussions with agencies specialised in recruiting people with disabilities. The past months since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have shown that businesses are able to operate and thrive with many employees working from home.

This has positive implications for workers who are unable to leave their home due to physical or mental health challenges and further opens up the pool of talent.

Lindsley Ruth (pictured), CEO Electrocomponents, commented: “I am really proud to be in partnership with The Valuable 500 movement, which raises consciousness about the work we all need to do, to bring about equality and inclusion for all.  As a global organisation we are working to ensure we not only attract diverse disabled talent but that we provide long-term sustainable employment as well.

“We acknowledge we are at the beginning of our journey and that we may not always get it right, but we are 100% committed to making systemic changes within our organisation to reflect those we serve, within our community, our customers and our suppliers.”

Electrocomponents is among some 300 companies to have recently joined The Valuable 500.

New research was published yesterday in the US by the Valuable 500, highlighting how companies are working to improve their diversity and inclusion policies. The release of the research was timed to mark the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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