A broad-ranging, comprehensive online resource covering the industrial segment has been unveiled by EBV Elektronik. Information encompasses all applications, markets and technologies in the industrial segment, such as manufacturing, energy management and transportation. It will contain relevant information, from general knowledge to detailed descriptions of applications.

Visitors to the website can use precision zoom-in to move from the application level to the semiconductor area by simply clicking on the relevant product in the overview. This takes them to specifics, such as technical specifications and logistics details, and also opens up an individualised, pre-filled form that allows individuals interested to contact the appropriate EBV product specialist.
Karim Khebere, VP Technical Development at EBV, explains the thinking behind the website launch: “Besides the well-known vertical markets EBV is focusing on, we also wanted to highlight the importance of the Industrial segment, which is in fact the traditional customer base that EBV has been working with since its creation. There’s a wide variety of needs, solutions, and know-how behind catch-all terms like Measurement, Automation, Computing, Vision, Motion etc., as well as an infinite amount of end equipment that requires such technologies. We want to help our customers find the key partners and best solutions among teams of experts across EMEA.”
In terms of markets, the background information on the Industrial website covers everything from manufacturing electronics and energy management through to electronics in the primary sector and the service industry.


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