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Anyone who has read an e-book will know how impressive the digital reading experience is. This is made possible by E-Paper technology – electrophoretic display modules. A range of new Winstar E–Paper modules, with 6 and 10 segment variations, are now available from Rapid Electronics.

Electrophoretic display modules operate through reflected rather than emitted light, designed to mimic the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. EPD’s have a stable image that only requires refreshing when the display contents change, meaning that power consumption is very low. The high contrast ratio also makes this display easier to read than LCD displays.

An electrophoretic display works by using charged pigment particles, rearranging them with an applied electric field. This type of E-Paper display is a commonly used technology, being utilised by all the major E-Reader models. Flexible, durable and impact resistant, these Winstar modules have an extremely long lifetime, with the ability to be updated up to 1 million times. Blessed with high whiteness, high contrast ratio and bi-stability, the modules also do not need power to retain an image.

Suitable applications include status displays, electronic shelf labels and information displays.

Price breaks are available across the new lines and discounts possible on bulk orders. Technical specifications and datasheets for individual products are available on the Rapid website.

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