The European semiconductor distribution industry continues to deliver good news. According to DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists) semiconductor distribution sales in Q2/CY14 grew by 5.3% to 1.6 Billion Euro. Almost all the major regions contributed. Only France, Benelux, Nordic and Switzerland are on the naughty step.
Georg Steinberger, chairman of DMASS, commented: “Our market seems to have reached a solid growth level in the 5+% range. Particularly encouraging was the fact that Germany, after a few weak quarters, is back on track and brought in a very healthy 11% increase over CY13. For DMASS in total, the first half of CY14 ended at 6.6% growth, to 3.2 Billion Euro. We are pretty certain that the full year will end positive.”
Regionally, Germany and Eastern Europe led the growth with 11% and 10.2% respectively. German sales climbed to 514 Million Euro, Eastern Europe (excluding Russia) to 183m Euro. The UK continued its recovery by adding a solid 7.3% to 131m Euro, and Italy grew by 3.7% to 161m. The French market lost ground, declining 2.6% to 122m Euro, while Nordic region sales fell 8.7% to 141m Euro compared to Q2/CY13.
Steinberger added: “Nordic and Benelux were certainly the weak spots last quarter while Germany regained some of its old strength. Over the course of 6 months, the picture has stabilised somewhat, but some risks remain: France develops below average, Benelux, too, and we do not know yet the impact of the sanctions against Russia in our market, although Russia only contributes 4% to the DMASS total.”
Optoelectronics led the charge in the product sectors with a 13.5% to 164m Euro, driven by LEDs. Discrete components sales rose 13.6% to 89m Euro. Power was up 8.2% to 162m Euro. Analogue components contributed a healthy by 9.5% increase to 472m Euro and MOS Micro sales advanced 6.4% to 336m Euro. Off the pace were Memories which declined 1.8% to 122m Euro and Programmable Logic down 6.9% to 118m Euro.
“We observe for some time now clear growth spots like High-end-MCUs, High-end Analog and LEDs, while other mainstream technologies – former shooting stars like Programmable Logic, Other Logic, DSPs or Memories seem to go through a weak period; arguably, an interesting development that has to be watched more closely,” Gerog Steinberger concluded.


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