Digi-Key has unveiled new website features and updates including a new Search Accelerator designed to make it faster and easier for customers to search for electronic components. This new feature kicks off a series of global website improvements designed to accelerate information access and simplify the ordering process.

A global ecommerce innovator, Digi-Key.com enables customers to search for millions of electronic components and select from among the over 975,000 stocked in-house for next day delivery. The company’s breadth of product selection has contributed to the company’s popularity among the engineering community.

“Our customers are telling us they want access to more parts, faster. And, we listened.” said Tony Harris, Digi-Key CMO. “At the same time, we solicited feedback from our internal Application Engineers to prioritize what matters most. As result, we’re pleased to announce this set of valuable website updates that will improve the entire online customer experience.”

Digi-Key studied recent research to identify and prioritise the most valuable website features and upgrades. The website improvements are focused around advanced search capabilities including multi-attribute filters and easy-to-search product categories.

The Search Accelerator is a free downloadable browser extension that makes it easy to search for parts anywhere on any website. Customers can simply highlight the preferred text on a website and right click to view the context menu. Choosing the Digi-Key Search Accelerator option will display up to three top results, as well as product availability, product data, and pricing information.

Key features include: at-a-glance display of current pricing and availability; one-click to research or purchase a product from any web page; and multi-browser formats support Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome

With the new Search Accelerator, users can better refine their search and find products more quickly. The search data provides an at-a-glance view of all relevant information including detailed specifications, supporting resources, and product availability.

The Search Accelerator is available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers. It can be downloaded on the Digi-Key Browser Resources Page.
“It’s Digi-Key’s top priority to make it as easy as possible for users to research and acquire parts.” noted Harris. “This new feature is strengthens of our commitment to support the engineer from prototype to production.”


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