GUI kit dramatically cuts development time and enhances product appeal

Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, announced today it has in stock Amulet Technologies’ new GUI Color Starter Kit.

Available on Digi-Key’s global websites (Digi-Key part number 681-1016-ND), the Color Starter Kit (MSRP $599) is being offered at a special introductory price of USD$299. A demonstration of the starter kit’s features and capabilities can be viewed at

Developed as an antidote to costly and cumbersome GUI development tools, Amulet’s new kit enables OEMs to quickly and cost effectively meet customer demand for sophisticated and appealing graphical displays in such products as home appliances, consumer electronics, medical devices, and automobiles. The kit provides everything needed to create and drive color-rich GUI displays. Features include:

• 480×272 TFD LCD – 16:9 (wide aspect ratio) display with white LED backlight, integrated resistive touch panel
• Amulet AGB75LC04-QU-E (208-pin) Graphical OS Chip
• Electronic interface options on demo – USB 2.0, RS232, 3.3v UART
• Royalty-free graphical operating system
• On-board memory – 32 megabit serial flash for storing micro HTML™ GUI pages, 64-megabit SDRAM
(frame buffer)
• Touch panel controller – built into graphical OS chip
• Color supported – up to 24-bit (8-bit red, 8-bit blue, 8-bit green) + alpha channel (8-bit opacity control and
• Graphics supported – PNG, GIF, JPEG
• Backlight control – PWM built into graphical OS chip. Backlight can be controlled via the touch panel or
HTML command
• Supports Unicode – foreign language characters set
• Font converter – built-in

The display module is powered by Amulet’s new Graphical OS Chip™ that allows customers to use simple dynamic HTML-authoring tools to create visually exciting user interfaces that enhance the value and brand awareness of their products. Developing a GUI in dynamic HTML enables designers to drag and drop user interface elements and see the production-ready GUI on actual hardware before handing it off to engineering for application integration. This approach unshackles designers, making it easier for them to create consistent user interfaces for entire brands or product lines and to seamlessly upgrade from monochrome to color.

Amulet’s built-in microprocessor manages all GUI functions, freeing up the host micro to run the application more efficiently. The chip also features a power management controller for low-power operation. The integrated LCD controller supports 24-bit color and alpha blending on passive and active displays. Electronic interface options include USB 2.0, RS232, and 3.3v UART. Graphic formats supported include PNG, GIF, and JPEG.

“We are very pleased to have Amulet’s new GUI Color Starter Kit available for our customers,” said Dave Doherty, Digi-Key vice president of semiconductor products. “The cost, complexity, and time-to-market reductions associated with this new GUI kit are sure to be of significant appeal to the embedded designers who rely on Digi-Key to provide them with the newest and most innovative solutions.”

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