Digi-Key Corporation today announced the signing of a global distribution agreement with Kionix.Dii-Key Kionix

Kionix provides 3-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes, as well as 6-axis combination products, to customers in the consumer electronics, automotive, industrial, and healthcare markets. Additionally, Kionix is a market leader in embedded algorithms and advanced software, such as sensor fusion, which provides added value to end applications through the power of motion.

Kionix uses a proprietary deep-silicon plasma etching process (DRIE) which provides superior performance in the MEMS structure. The company’s new “XAC” sense element delivers some of the highest stability, shock and temperature performance in the industry and minimizes reflow work for customers. Consumer product “tear-downs” have shown Kionix accelerometers in products ranging from the Xbox Kinect to Samsung Galaxy tablets to Motorola Droid mobile phones and the Barnes and Noble Nook. Kionix products also have a strong reputation for quality and performance in the automotive and health and fitness industries.

“Digi-Key is an important addition to our global distribution network,” said Kenneth Salky, EVP of Sales and Marketing at Kionix. “Digi-Key’s worldwide reach and reputation for customer service, logistics and design support, means that Kionix’s cutting edge products now will be available quickly and easily to more design engineers than ever before.”

“MEMS sensor utilization has seen incredible growth in recent years,” said Mark Zack, Vice President of Global Semiconductor Product at Digi-Key. “Adding a top-level supplier such as Kionix presents a great opportunity to provide new and innovative products to our customers. We are pleased to enter into this partnership.”

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