Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced it has entered into a global distribution agreement with Rose+Bopla Enclosures, a division of Phoenix Mecano Incorporated (PM-USA).

Rose+Bopla Enclosures manufactures an extensive line of off-the-shelf enclosures, machine control enclosures, and suspension arm systems. Digi-Key currently stocks boxes, enclosures, handhelds, and aluminum extrusion enclosures from Rose+Bopla Enclosures. These products are available for purchase on Digi-Key’s global websites and will be featured in Digi-Key’s print and online catalogs.

“Digi-Key is proud to welcome Rose+Bopla Enclosures as a new supplier partner. Rose+Bopla is an example of a company dedicated to providing exceptional products and services to its customers, and now, to Digi-Key’s global customers as well,” said Jeff Shafer, Digi-Key’s vice president of interconnect, passive and electromechanical product. “We believe Rose+Bopla’s line of products will provide more of the superior quality products our customers are accustomed to purchasing from Digi-Key.”

“Rose+Bopla is excited about becoming a global partner with Dig-Key Corporation. Our products and services will complement many components in Digi-Key’s other lines and further enhance Digi-Key’s vast selection of products offered to global markets,” said Steve Whitmore, product manager at Rose+Bopla. “Our wide selection of ‘off the shelf’ small to medium sized watertight ‘boxes’ and handheld enclosures adds another quality product offering to Digi-Key’s customers.”

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