Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s broadest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, today announced it received the Distributor of the Year award from Vishay Intertechnology, one of Digi-Key’s authorized supplier partners. In addition, Digi-Key presented Vishay with a Superior Sales Performance Award. The awards were presented at the Electronic Distribution Show & Conference (EDS), held May 11 to 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Vishay presented its Vishay Americas Distributor of the Year award to Digi-Key in recognition of Digi-Key’s outstanding performance.

“Vishay is very pleased to present its Distributor of the Year award to Digi-Key,” said Greg Mefford, Vishay’s vice president, worldwide distribution sales. “Digi-Key’s exceptionally broad range of products and its world-class customer service have made it an industry leader. We are proud to partner with Digi-Key and look forward to continuing to work with them to serve end customers.”

“Digi-Key is honored to be named Vishay’s Distributor of the Year,” said Mark Larson, Digi-Key’s president and COO. “We strive to offer the best, most innovative products for our customers worldwide and are proud to offer Vishay’s discrete semiconductors and passive components as part of our broad offering available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery.”

Digi-Key presented its Superior Sales Performance Award to Vishay in recognition of Vishay’s excellent track record of supplying its components to Digi-Key and supporting Digi-Key’s successful strategy of business growth and development.

“We are happy to present our Superior Sales Performance Award to Vishay,” Larson continued. “With Vishay’s extensive product portfolio and commitment to quality, it has further enhanced Digi-Key’s ability to meet the needs of end customers worldwide through industry-leading product availability and customer service.”

Vishay is truly grateful to receive this award from Digi-Key,” said Greg Mefford, Vishay’s vice president, worldwide distribution sales. “In today’s world of ever-shrinking design cycles and increased competition, supply-chain excellence is essential for success, and this award recognizes that fact.”

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