Digikey.com provides direct access to Tyco Electronics’ part information

Electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation provides direct access to more than 28,750 3-D models and more than 60,000 datasheets for Tyco Electronics (TE) products from Digi-Key’s Supplier Marketing Center (SMC) designed for Tyco Electronics, www.digikey.com/tycoelectronics. Additionally, Digi-Key has more than 18,400 Tyco Electronics products available for immediate shipment.

“Digi-Key’s Supplier Marketing Center for TE provides a wealth of information for design engineers. We offer more than 79,000 TE products on our website, and more than 64,000 of those parts have direct access to datasheets containing part specifications and other valuable information frequently used by engineers,” said Jeff Shafer, Digi-Key’s vice president of interconnect, passive and electromechanical product. “Digi-Key strives to provide the best service possible to our customers, and we believe a major component of this service is to offer valuable product and industry information such as what appears on our Tyco Electronics supplier marketing center and our other supplier marketing centers.”

Digi-Key’s Tyco Electronics SMC also provides 18 PTM Online…On Demand® product training modules, exclusive to Digi-Key, for various TE products with new PTMs to be added in the future. Additionally, new products from Tyco Electronics are featured regularly to keep engineers informed about innovative technology.

The Tyco Electronics SMC contains a ‘Tools and Support’ section in which more than 45 product selection guides are available to help engineers choose products to meet various application requirements. The ‘Tools and Support’ section also provides information on products for the automotive, lighting, solar and wind turbine industries. The Tyco Electronics SMC also features information about the company’s events and seminars as well as access to TE newsletters that may be of interest to design engineers.

Additionally, when conducting a part search using Digi-Key’s part search tool, users can view information regarding mating and associated products. For example, when searching for TE part number 1735447-3 (Digi-Key part number A100020-ND), the user will see this part mates with TE part number 1735446-3 (Digi-Key part number A100097-ND). The user will also be able to view other associated products. More than 25,000 parts are listed as mating parts; 12,000 parts are listed as associated parts; and packaging associations are listed for 10,000 TE products distributed by Digi-Key.

Shafer said, “This coordination with Tyco Electronics allows Digi-Key to provide our customers with products, part information, innovative technology, and excellent customer service from one place.”

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