Digi-Key Corporation hires more employees to maintain customer service levels

Digi-Key Corporation has hired more than 60 people since Jan. 1, 2010, bringing the company’s total number of employees to 2,059 as of Feb. 21, 2010. This hiring increase is in response to increased sales of electronic components following last year’s economic downturn.

“Our projections for 2010 have begun to materialize. We are seeing a significant increase in demand for electronic components and, thus, the number of employees required to meet that demand,” said Mark Larson, Digi-Key’s president and COO. “January was a record sales month for Digi-Key. We have shipped more than 15,000 orders on several dates since the beginning of 2010, and we are on pace to continue this upward trend in sales, number of orders shipped, and number of employees throughout this year.”

The increase in demand for electronic components has caused Digi-Key to ramp up its efforts to quickly process and ship orders. Digi-Key has the capability to process an order from entry to shipping in as little as 15 minutes. More than 99 percent of Digi-Key orders are shipped in less than 24-hours from the time the orders are received.

“We are continually looking for new talent to enhance and improve Digi-Key’s internal processes,” said Rick Trontvet, Digi-Key’s vice president of human resources. “Currently, we are adding staff in many areas to help maintain pace with rapidly rising sales. We expect hiring to continue at this elevated rate into the fourth quarter of this year.”

Since 2002, Digi-Key has created more than 860 jobs. The average age of a current Digi-Key employee is 41 years with an average length of employment at Digi-Key of at least seven years. Approximately 58 percent of Digi-Key’s employees reside in Thief River Falls, Minn. while the remaining 42 percent live in surrounding communities.

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